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War Hospital

About The Game

War Hospital is not only a computer game. It is a deep emotional experience related to the greatest and often unseen drama in the history of mankind in the world of electronic media – the First World War.

The special and unique perspective of presenting this subject allows us to think of the War Hospital not only as electronic entertainment, but also as a moving experience of the real drama of ordinary and extraordinary people – soldiers fighting on the fronts of the “Great War”.


Target platforms (PC, XBOX SERIES X, Playstation 5)


Year of release


People working on War Hospital

War Hospital is a combination of real-time strategy / economic survival games and RPG elements, which involve making morally difficult decisions. The gameplay is about managing a field hospital, treating and convalescing wounded soldiers during the drama of World War I.

Hospital's technology

Maintain your hospital’s defenses and develop new treatments and technologies

Difficult decisions

Take morally difficult decisions about the survival of individuals

Hospital's resources

Build resources for the survival of your patients and hospital staff

Explore the concepts


Explore the Great War drama

World War I Western Front

War Hospital

Unique Selling Points

• Learn about the hospitalization process during the battles of World War I.
• Deal with the continual supply shortages with the increasing number of wounded soldiers
• Face different types of wounds of varying severity based on actual historical events
• Use medical products and materials that were introduced on the site of World War I.
• Learn the true value of a soldier, patient and human life
• Have a real impact on the outcome of battles on various fronts of World War I.
• Make dramatic decisions that will affect the fate of a soldier

During the year of Pre-production of War Hospital, we made a lot of analysis about the game’s appearance and how we should show the atmosphere of the drama of World War I. Maintaining an individual graphic style that will remain in the memory of players for a long time, and allow the title to achieve a high level of players retention.

Unique visual setting combined with World War I atmosphere is a key to create authentic and story telling game world which is very important for players development. Dramatic decisions that player will take during the gameplay will have significant impact on the game world.

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